Doctor - Engineer Wladyslaw-Eugen Zielenski: production audit, consulting, engineering, management
Equipment design and calculation, simulation experiments, research engineering; Recommendations for mixing and blending equipment and heat-transfer devices selection and reconstruction; Optimization of technological processes; Recommendations for products quality optimization; Production management

Base speciality: industry process engineering (chemical and allied industries processes and apparatus, heat- and mass-transfer, turbulent transfer processes, applied mechanics of non-uniform media)
Expert on mixing and blending technology of heterogeneous media (powders, emulsions, suspensions, pastes & gels, foams and multiphase)
Thesis: 'Base aspects of liquid - gas - solid mixing in stirred vessels'
Extra specialization: food additives manufacturing management and engineering, research and development, compositions recipes and application
Knowledge of main rules of GMP, quality management ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and peculiarity HAСCP in domain of additives
High-tech management: 'Methodological foundations of product development, production organization, micro-ingredient quality management'
Industrial and civil construction: 'Construction of industrial warehouse complex chemical and pharmaceutical (biotech) of the enterprise'
Project management: 'Reorganization of enterprise structure. Development of new assortment. Expansion of factory'

Project management. Production management. Quality management. Optimization of technological processes. Equipment design and calculation, simulation experiments, research engineering. Recommendations for equipment selection and reconstruction. Production audit, consulting, engineering

GMP and HMP mixing and blending equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical and food additives. Collage

Production re-engineering. 'Projects'2009', collage. Technological equipment: lines, units for powder transportation and packing, mixers and blenders, stirred vessels

Experimental unit (liquid - gas - solid mixing investigation, 2000)

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Article: Liquid - gas - solid mixing in stirred vessels


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