Doctor-Engineer Wladyslaw-Eugen Zielenski: food ingredients and additives manufacturing management and engineering, research and development, compositions recipes and application
(colorants, flavors, sweeteners, drink compositions, grain mixtures, baking powders, stabilizers, food concentrates, semi-manufactured goods, sugar decors, oil and fat ingredients, ferments, phosphates and functional mixtures, fodder compositions and food milk & meat ingredients etc)

Expert on mixing and blending technology of heterogeneous media (powders, emulsions, suspensions, pastes & gels, foams and multiphase)
Base speciality: industry process engineering, automatic production
(chemical and allied industries processes and apparatus, turbulent transfer procrsses, heat- and mass-transfer, applied mechanics of non-uniform media)
Knowledge of main rules of GMP, quality management ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and peculiarity HACCP in domain of additives
High-tech management: 'Methodological foundations of product development, production organization, micro-ingredient quality management'
Industrial and civil construction: 'Construction of industrial warehouse complex chemical and pharmaceutical (biotech) of the enterprise'
Project management: 'Reorganization of enterprise structure. Development of new assortment. Expansion of factory'
Thesis: 'Base aspects of liquid - gas - solid mixing in stirred vessels'

Food additives and concentrates resipes:

- colorant compositions
- powder vanilla flavors
- sweetener concentrates
- grain mixtures for confectionery and baking
- baker powders - chemical leavining agents (phosphates)
- baker powders compositions
- stabilizers for vegetative cream
- food concentrates, semi-manufactured goods
- sugar decors for confectionery
- etс.

Works in the laboratory

Re-engineering of food additives production. 'Projects'2009', collage. Technological equipment: lines, units for powder transportation and packing, mixers and blenders, stirred vessels

GMP and HMP mixing and blending equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical and food additives. Collage

Management of food ingredients & additives manufacturing. Production management. Project management. Quality management. Optimization of technological processes. Equipment design and calculation, simulation experiments, research engineering. Recommendations for equipment selection and reconstruction. Production audit, consulting, engineering

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Portfolio (RU)

Article: Ingredients Branch: decade results and products trends (2011)

Article: Quality strategy and personnel potential as fundamentals of food additive manufactures' development: methodological approaches (2011)

Article: Ingredients and food concentrates for confectionery manufacture 2010: the short tendencies review

Article: Liquid - gas - solid mixing in stirred vessels (2000)


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