Address: Saint-Petersburg, South

(North-Eastern Europe, Rossija)

Mobile Phone: +7 921 759 44 89
Phone / fax: +7 (812) 373 88 58

Mail: Zielenski@yandex.com
Web: Zielenski.narod.ru

Polytechnic-Technology and Management
post-graduate courses
scientific degree (engineering)

Saint-Petersburg Practical
Technological Institut
of Emperor Nicolas I
(Technical University)
Institut of Civil Engineers
of Emperor Nicolas I
(Technical University)

Doctor - Engineer
Kandidat nauk in Engineering (PhD)
Senior Prosess Engineer
Мechanical Еngineer - Тechnologist

Inter-sectoral expert in the field of production organization, R&D, policy and quality management

Expert on mixing and blending technology of heterogeneous media (powders, emulsions, suspensions, pastes & gels, foams and multiphase)

Extra specialization: management of food additives and concentrates manufacturing, research and development, compositions recipes and application

Work Experience:

Private practice
(industrial management and engineering)
(nonwoven fabric and wipes)
'GIORD' Production and Trade Company (food-ingredients market operator)
(conculting and engineering)
'GLOBAR - BARGUS' Group Companies (food-ingredients market operator)
(chemical-pharmaceutical plant)
(scientific and machine-building firm)



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Key words:

organization of production, sustainable development of enterprises, production management, human resources, high technology, process engineering, mixing, blending, mixer, blender, stirred vessels, stirrer, agitator, mixing device, mechanical mixing device, blending device, batch-type blender, drum-type blender, dissolver, homogeniser, emulsifer, mill, colloid mill, mill machine, grinder, vessel, tank, apparatus, equipment, engineering, scientific consulting, consultant, expert, engineer, Ph.D., ingenieur, Dr.-Ing.
process engineering, chemical processes and apparatus, machinery and apparatus of chemical manufacturing, processes optimization, automatic production, applied physics and mechanics of non-uniform media, heat- and mass-transfer, turbulent transfer procrsses, processes and apparatus, chemical processes and apparatus, chemical and allied industries processes and apparatus, agitation, mixing, blending, heterogeneous media, powder, emulsion, suspension, paste, gel, foam, multiphase media, equipment design and calculation, simulation experiments, research engineering, base aspects of three-phase ( liquid - gas - solid ) mixing in stirred vessels;
food additives, food ingredients, food compositions, development of food additives, manufacturing of food additives, application of food additives and compositions; development, manufacturing and application of food additives and compositions, compositions recipes, food additives recipes; colorants, flavors, sweeteners, drink compositions, grain mixtures, baking powders, stabilizers, food concentrates, semi-manufactured goods, sugar decors, oil and fat ingredients, ferments, phosphates and functional mixtures, fodder compositions and food milk & meat ingredients; colorant compositions, powder vanilla flavors, sweetener concentrates, grain mixtures for confectionery and baking, baker powders - chemical leavining agents (phosphates), baker powders compositions, tabilizers for vegetative cream , food concentrates, semi-manufactured goods, sugar decors for confectionery, research and development
Zielenski W.-E., Dr.-Eng.